Recently, the "Zhonghong 28" ship of Xinfeng Shipping's northeast route unloaded 76 Russian railway containers in the Dagang Port Area of Qingdao Port, and sent them to enterprises in the hinterland of Shandong through transfers, shipping, etc., marking "Manzhouli-Yingkou Port-Dagang" The domestic trade cross-border transportation channel was officially opened. As of April 22, Qingdao Port has handled 298 TEUs. The route will operate weekly, with an estimated monthly increase of 1,000 TEUs or more.
Qingdao Port opened a new channel of "sea-rail combined transport" from Russia to Yingkou Port and then to the Qingdao Port after the goods entered the country from Russia through Manzhouli. The operation cycle can be compressed for 2 days per shift, which further enhances the international freight capacity. Ensure the stability of the supply chain of the industrial chain and the smooth flow of international goods.